Gordochom Solution - An Antifungal Treatment For Nail Fungus Infections

Its efficacy has over the many years become known through "word of mouth" recommendations, and helped many who had previously tried various antifungal treatments to no avail.


"Gordochom Solution" is an effective, inexpensive nail fungus treatment for nail fungus in the form of a liquid in a 30mL bottle with a brush applicator.Evaluated and registered by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Aust R43251 in 1993 it is

  • An effective antifungal for fungus infections of the nails
  • non toxic
  • topical broad spectrum treatment of onychomycosis, cutaneous fungus infections - softener for callous nail grooves.


This nail fungus treatment contains as active ingredients, a natural fungicide Undecenoic Acid 250mg/mL and a germicide & antifungal agent, Chloroxylenol 30mg/mL in a penetrating oil base

An "over the counter-non prescription" therapeutic product, may be used by people with Diabetes and children over the age 3 years. Avoid use during pregnancy & breastfeeding. To avoid irritation do not apply to an open or oozing wound.


"Gordochom Solution" is listed with "MIMS" and "Medical Director", the Australian Publications which are used as references by most Australian doctors, especially GPs, podiatrists, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals.

For the nail fungus treatment to be effective, there is no need for special preparations of the nail surface, no scraping or filing of the previous application. It is easy and simple to use, just apply with the brush applicator to the affected nail and surrounding skin twice daily, morning and night. Compliance is important. For optimum results, it is best to not apply nail polish when treating the infected nail and allow the active ingredients to penetrate leaving no residue. See also, TLC Nails, our complementary product very helpful while treating fungal nails.


  Gordochom Solution
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“Sigma” PDE Code 373910.
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