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Just thought that I should drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with Gordochom.

I have been treating an embarrassing disfigured second nail with absolutely everything and with no success for more that twelve years (four courses of antifungal pills, expensive nail fungal chemist treatments with nail files, tea tree oil soaking, etc). When the fungus started in my two big toes four years ago I went to a podiatrist for a year of painful laser treatment. All that the laser did was weaken my nails, allowing the fungus to spread further until the two large toe nails fell off completely. I never went back!

The podiatrist explained that this was all normal and that there was nothing he could go for the disfigured second toe because the old infection had changed the way my nail now grows…

Twelve months ago I visited Chemist Wharehouse looking fir some new ideas. I noticed the brown bottle of Gordochom and thought I’d give it a go as it was the only thing on the shelf I had not tried.

I started putting it on my mangled half falling off toe nails morning and night up until November. I wore nail polish for the month of December and two weeks ago took the nail polish off, dreading what I would see.

To my amazement, the fungus appears to be almost completely gone and the second toenail, after twelve years of being too thick to cut with scissors and growing at an angle is now thin and almost straight! I immediately bought another bottle and will continue to apply daily until the fungus has completely grown through.

Sorry for my rambling iPhone email.

Thank you and best wishes.