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Nail Fungus Treatment

Fungal Nail Infection and Nail Fungus Treatments

Fungal nail infections of the hands and feet can be caused by microbial or fungal organisms. The affected nail may have white spots, become brittle discoloured with a yellow/brown appearance.

A fungal nail infection if untreated may easily spread to healthy nails or other people. Also be aware that a warm, moist environment provides the ideal conditions for the fungi and microbes to thrive.

“Gordochom Solution” is an Effective, Broad Spectrum, Non Toxic, Topical Treatment, evaluated and registered in 1993 by the Australian Therapeutic Administration, Aust R43251. To effectively treat a fungal nail infection and nail fungus with “Gordochom Solution” requires no special preparation. Just apply twice daily to the affected nail and surrounding skin with the brush applicator and allow for penetration. Avoid open wounds or cracked skin. May be used by people with Diabetes and children over 3 years. Avoid use during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Active ingredients: Chloroxylenol 3%, a topical Germicide & Antifungal agent effective against a wide variety of causative fungi & yeast organisms.

Undecenoic Acid 25% , a natural Fungicide/Fungistatic agent also employed when treating Tinea Pedis, Ringworm and Dermatophytosis.

The penetrating oil base serves as a delivery system enhancing penetration/impregnation, leaving no residue.