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Nail Fungus Treatment

What is Gordochom Solution?

Gordochom Solution is an effective nail fungus treatment supplied by Poratt Medi Co. of Australia.
Its efficacy in the treatment of fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails has been proven over many years. Thousands of patients have found it to be a very effective antifungal treatment, requiring very little effort on the part of the patient. Gordochom Solution has grown in popularity through word of mouth recommendations from satisfied patients who had previously tried other antifungal treatments to no avail.

What does Gordochom Solution treat?

Gordochom Solution provides inexpensive topical broad spectrum effectiveness when treating

  • onychomycosis (discolouration of the nail),
  • paronychia (infection of the tissue adjacent to the nail)
  • cutaneous fungal infections (fungal infections of the skin)
  • callous nail grooves (acts as a softener), and;
  • other fungal nail infections of the hands and feet

How to use Gordochom Solution?

When treating problem nails, use the brush applicator. Cleanse, dry and apply every morning and evening to the affected nails and surrounding skin. Allow the active antifungal ingredients to penetrate the nail.
Continue treatment until healthy nail grows. Thereafter apply for several more weeks as a precaution against recurrence. Do not apply nail polish for the duration of the treatment. To avoid irritation do not apply to an open or oozing wound.

The product is extremely easy to use. No special preparation, scraping, filing or removing of previous applications of the nail surface is required. Gordochom Solution leaves no residue.

Where to get Gordochom Solution

Gordochom Solution nail fungus treatment is available in liquid form in a 30mL bottle with brush applicator. This effective, inexpensive treatment is an “over the counter”, non-prescription therapeutic item which is non-toxic.
This product may be used by people with Diabetes and children over the age of 3 years. Avoid use during pregnancy & breastfeeding.
This antifungal treatment has been evaluated and registered by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Aust R43251 in 1993.
If you need an effective, inexpensive antifungal treatment for mycotic (fungus) nails (hands or feet) “Gordochom Solution” is the product to use.

Gordochom Solution is listed with MIMS and Medical Director, the Australian Publications which are used as references by most Australian doctors, especially GP’s, podiatrists, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals.

What Active Ingredients are in Gordochom Solutions?

This nail fungus treatment contains active ingredients: Undecenoic Acid 250mg/mL a natural fungicide and Chloroxylenol 30mg/mL a germicide & antifungal agent, in a penetrating oil base.
Gordochom Solution is available on request from Pharmacies obtaining their supplies from:
“API” PDE Code 418560
“Symbion” PDE Code 200247
“Sigma” PDE Code 373910.