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What is “Gordochom Solution”?

It is a proven, gentle, non toxic, non-invasive treatment for fungal nails.

How can I obtain “Gordochom Solution”?

A consumer can purchase from either their Podiatrist or Pharmacies sourcing their supplies from: API PDE code is 418560, Symbion PDE code is 200247 & Sigma PDE code is 373910, the listed name is “Gordochom”.

If you are a Health Practitioner, please fax through your inquiry on your letter head which will incorporate your provider number. Once we receive your fax we will respond with the relevant information.

How safe is it?

It contains no toxins and may be used by people with diabetes and children over the age of 3. To avoid irritation do not apply to an open or oozing wound. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How to apply?

It is very easy and simple. Just cleanse and dry the area. Using the brush, apply to the sick nail and surrounding skin, morning and night. Allow for penetration. Continue regular treatment until healthy nail grows out.

How does it work?

Because its active ingredients are an antifungal and an antibacterial, it has a broad spectrum effectiveness. The oil base allows for penetration leaving no residue and is not harmful to the skin.

What are Fungal Nails?

It is an infection of the nail plate and surrounding skin seen in both hands and feet.  Fungal infection most commonly occurs under the nail plate, but it can occur on-top of the nail. Fungi thrives in moist, humid, dark conditions.

What are the symptoms of Fungal Nails?

One nail could be infected, yet sometimes the fungus skips a nail and then infects another. The skin surrounding the nail plate may be scaly, dry and rough. There may be redness surrounding the nail plate or even between the fingers and/or toes. The skin surrounding the nail maybe itchy too. The nail(s) may appear to be thick, yellow in colour, cracking or even lifting.

What are the causes of Fungal Nails?

There are many different infecting fungal organisms and sometimes yeasts, bacteria and molds. Some fungal nails can have a combination of a fungi and yeast or a combination of any of the infecting organisms. These could be picked up in areas of high barefoot traffic.

How are Fungal Nails treated?

We suggest you treat it with Gordochom Solution.